The tech finish that enhances the design

The front panel made of brushed natural aluminium combined with black side panels ensures a material impact that is well suited for environments where concentration and tranquility are essential. Its simple, clean, and essential lines are combined with surprising and reliable performance for an essential, innovative, and stylish furnishing in the interior design sector.


Its elegant front panel made of brushed natural aluminium combined with a black side panels brings out the absolute elegance of ART-U Gray. Discover the main components of this intelligent fan coil, created to rewrite design rules.

Front panel

The elegant curved front panel consists of two aluminium sheets. The fan coil is available in brushed natural grey aluminium.

Front grille

The front grille is designed to stabilize the operation of the tangential fan unit and is equipped with a stainless steel filter.

Side panel

The side panel is made of UV-stabilized ABS to maintain its colour over time. Available colour: black RAL9005.

Upper grille

The upper grille consists of adjustable anodized aluminium fins. The ABS combs prevent the grilles from bending, thus guaranteeing safety and sturdiness.


Can be installed directly on the unit or mounted on the wall for simple and accessible temperature and humidity comfort.

Are you a professional in the field and need to download technical documents?

Go to the download of the complete technical sheets of ART-U products.


A fittings cover with a minimalist style that completes a customization without limits.


An electronic microprocessor controller, managed by an advanced software program developed by Galletti.


An electronic microprocessor controller for controlling the EC inverter fan and valves.

Mycomfort Large

An intuitive and user-friendly electronic microprocessor controller with LCD display for maximum comfort.


Monitoring software that allows ideal air conditioning regulation.


Available for all models of ART-U fan coils with standard heat exchanger and water connections.

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