September 2019

ART-U is protagonist in Bologna Design Week

On the occasion of Bologna Design Week, Galletti S.p.A. it’s sponsor and one of the protagonists of “Questa volta in Teatro” (“This time in the Theater”), an installation that transforms the Foyer Respighi of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna into a Theater of wonders. This is made possible also thanks to the installation of Art-U, the innovative design fan coil in the new Red version, in red aluminum.

Galletti S.p.A. company, involved in the design and construction of hydronic terminals, chillers and heat pumps since 1906, became a sponsor partner of Bologna Design Week 2019, participating in the organization of “Questa volta in Teatro”, the talk-day aboutinnovation that offered to the company the opportunity to present the process of conception, creation, communication and development of Art-U, the first fan coil design driven on the market, as well as the last born in Galletti house.

Galletti's Art-U fan coils became integral part of artworks by established artists such as Warios, a roman calligrapher and designer from the world group Calligraffiti Ambassadors”, who created for Art-U his artwork Fesh and represented one calligraphic style that refers to street art, with geometric and hypnotic lines. MarbaF, a collective born in 2011, chose the Red version of Art-U to create the artwork Warm, a join between emotional harmonious painting and photography, full of warmth and color.

After the introduction by Elena Vai, BDW creative director about the installation “Questa volta in Teatro”, developed together with the Studio Associato Marchingegno and Baustudio, with the partnership of Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Bologna and Bologna Design Week, and also with the precious collaboration of Leonardo srl, Artefatto di Mirco Lotierzo, Consorzio Cires, Viabizzuno e Galletti S.p.A., which transformed the theatre foyer into a setting for wonders: Michele Galletti, Managing Director of Galletti S.p.A., gave an overview of the history, evolution and future prospects of what can be considered a full-fledged successful case history, completely Made in Italy, for over 100 years.