Controllers and software

Electronic microprocessor controller
with LCD display

All the convenience you need to make the interior a true space of comfort. In just one simple touch (for wall mounting).

Climate control becomes fast and simple: interior comfort conditions can be controlled thanks to the new MYCOMFORT LARGE control panels, the connection node of Galletti integrated systems. The microprocessor control panel allows you to adjust the operation of ART-U in order to obtain conditions of interior comfort and complete control of the air conditioning system.

The controller features a large liquid crystal display with a built-in keypad for setting and reading the environmental parameters and the operating parameters of the connected indoor unit.

Suitable for controlling the BLDC inverter fan and 230V ON/OFF valve.

Are you a professional in the field and need to download technical documents?

Go to the download of the complete technical sheets of ART-U products.

art-u Canvas

We got to work. A masterpiece was created.

The panel of this ART-U version becomes a veritable painter's canvas, ready to be customized with every kind of colour, graphics, geometry, and photographic image to create a synergy with the interior that has never been seen before.


Gives a touch of design with technological DNA.


The neutrality of white highlights every surface.


Designed for those who are not afraid to dare, amaze, and excite.


The emblem of elegance that distinguishes the coolest spaces.

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