Controllers and software

GARDA web server monitoring software for air conditioning systems

The integrated management of the controllers is completed with GARDA, a monitoring software that makes it possible to realize ideal air conditioning regulation, with significant energy savings.

Based on Galletti’s decade-long experience in the field of monitoring systems and the need to make information on the operation of a building’s air-conditioning system increasingly accessible, GARDA, Galletti’s new web-server and web-based monitoring system, was developed.

With GARDA, multi-platform access becomes a reality:

the web-responsive structure of the pages facilitates the consulting of information even from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones without any need to install applications and at the complete disposal of the user 24 hours a day.

Galletti guarantees complete compatibility with the indoor units and generation systems listed in the catalogue; the expansion card supplied as an accessory makes it possible to control external devices such as circulators, valves, and other system components.

Intuitive graphics and vertical access to information combined with ease of use and versatility of control ensure excellent usability and efficiency.


Lastly, the advanced programming functions, zone management, and possibility of monitoring the history of the main variables allow complete management of the system, providing indications for the reduction of operating costs.

Are you a professional in the field and need to download technical documents?

Go to the download of the complete technical sheets of ART-U products.

art-u Canvas

We got to work. A masterpiece was created.

The panel of this ART-U version becomes a veritable painter's canvas, ready to be customized with every kind of colour, graphics, geometry, and photographic image to create a synergy with the interior that has never been seen before.


Gives a touch of design with technological DNA.


The neutrality of white highlights every surface.


Designed for those who are not afraid to dare, amaze, and excite.


The emblem of elegance that distinguishes the coolest spaces.

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