Controllers and software

EVO, Intelligent air
conditioning management

An intuitive interface manages the advanced software to ensure high-quality air conditioning regulation.
Installation is simple, and cost savings are guaranteed.

Electronic microprocessor controller

The best of Galletti regulation in hydronic indoor units. The EVO controller (developed entirely by Galletti’s Technical Department) was designed to manage Galletti’s range of indoor units with single-phase multispeed asynchronous motor or modulating speed EC motors. One part of the software manages the monitoring of the parameters and regulation logics; the other part ensures the configuration and use of the controller.


Circuit board

It manages the monitoring of the parameters and regulation logics; together with the microprocessor it guarantees true communication, by means of which the installer and the user are guided in the configuration and use of the controller.


2.8 inches touch screen user interface for the EVO controller

The new EVO-2-TOUCH controller can also be installed directly on the unit and guarantees maximum temperature and humidity comfort combined with the ergonomics of its touch screen. The tap and swipe functions make the control experience similar to that of your smartphone.

The various screens are designed to make human-machine communication intuitive. Each page contains a few essential items of information that allow the consultation of the unit's main operating parameters and enable the initial control configuration according to system requirements.
The external frame of the interface is available in four different chrome plating options and is made with double aluminium foil and a polyethylene core.


User interface with display for EVO controller

The control panel connects directly to the circuit board installed on the fan coil unit from which the low-voltage power supply is drawn.
The interface is designed to be installed on standard electrical boxes and is designed to house a probe for reading relative humidity. EVODISP can be installed directly on ART-U by means of the DISPKB accessory.
Its real-time clock (RTC) allows the fan coil unit to be managed by setting time bands.

Galletti app

Indoor unit control application for smartphones

All the advanced EVO controller functions are present in the application, which is therefore able to activate or deactivate dehumidification cycles, activate the minimum temperature function, and activate or deactivate the time bands that define the switching on and off of the devices.

Are you a professional in the field and need to download technical documents?

Go to the download of the complete technical sheets of ART-U products.

art-u Canvas

We got to work. A masterpiece was created.

The panel of this ART-U version becomes a veritable painter's canvas, ready to be customized with every kind of colour, graphics, geometry, and photographic image to create a synergy with the interior that has never been seen before.


Gives a touch of design with technological DNA.


The neutrality of white highlights every surface.


Designed for those who are not afraid to dare, amaze, and excite.


The emblem of elegance that distinguishes the coolest spaces.

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